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Spring-ish Family Photo Session-{Charleston Family Photographer}

As I pulled up to the original location for this session, an ambulance and firetruck were leaving the scene of an elderly man that had been literally blown over by the strong winds! We knew we had to switch up the location or the ambulance might have to come back for one of us, so that we did! We ventured into the village, but a new location brought out a shy little girl in a pretty purple dress. None of my usual tricks would work, but get that sweet girl a new outfit and some pretty pink shoes, and we were back in business! The session ended up lasting well past everyone’s supper time which at the very end of the session prompted the sweet face you’ll see below to say ‘i’m hungry’ as she took a bite out of her handsome big bro! yikes. Sorry Andrea, I had to share that as it still makes me giggle. Big bro is just fine, but we all walked back to our cars with 2 crying kids in their adorable outfits.  Despite what seemed like a disaster of a session to mom and dad, I did manage to get many wonderful shots of this family and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If I didn’t tell you what was going on behind the scenes, you’d never even know by looking at these photos right? It all certainly made for a memorable session with a fun family! And I do have to say I think the unplanned location worked out for the best. It definitely offered more variety in backdrops so it was meant to be.

Lots more in the Slideshow at the end so be sure to watch it too!



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