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My Babies-{Daniel Island sc childrens photographer}

Squeezing a photo op in of my own growing littles. Love them so… Still 3&6 but not for long :/!

I found this super cool tree that looks like it was made for sitting on my shoot the other day and I knew I just had to take my own back there to snag some shots of them. We made an afternoon of it and hiked some trails while we were there. I’m beginning to love Daniel Island more and more every time I go.

Once upon a time, these two allowed me to do more photo shoots of them, but as they’ve gotten older, it’s become harder and harder. Time most definitly speeds up when they get this age. There’s never enough and I’m in a state of wondering how in the world I can to manage all of their activities AND run a business and do great at both. Somehow I manage, but not sure about the ‘doing them great’ part. It’s a struggle for sure and this mama is tired most of the time, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

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