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Fresh & Simple Studio Newborn Session

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The fresh & simple is a No Frills type of session! I’m pretty much a no frills photographer all around, but especially for newborns! The Fresh & simple session is a totally natural and classic approach to newborn photography. The photos you get from a session like this will stand the test of time.

My newborn approach is natural and baby led which is more gentle on your baby and produces original photos of their natural mannerisms.

If you’re on the fence b/c you have to come to me rather the convenience of me coming to you, consider how much smoother of a session you’ll get when the environment is better controlled like it is at my studio. Not to mention the car ride over *usually* makes your little one a sleeping angel when they arrive giving us a great head start!

I’m conveniently located in the Avondale area of West Ashley just across the ashley river bridge from downtown!



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Here’s the breakdown of what to expect from your Fresh & Simple newborn session with Tickled Blue Photography!

Fresh & Simple sessions are all about baby sweetly wrapped and very simply posed, mostly baby led on a cozy bed set up in my natural light studio. They are a totally natural newborn session where I don’t doll up your newborn with hats and huge bows/headwear. I don’t prop them up in un-natural or uncomfortable looking positions! I wrap them sweetly, pose them naturally + simply, and capture them just as they are and how I feel you’ll want to remember them 10 years from now. This type of session is purely classic and a perfect way to remember how naturally perfect your newborn was when they arrived into the world.

These are their natural mannerisms and I think they should be photographed just that way! Baby led posing is more gentle on the babies + this approach produces a more original photo as no two babies will move the exact same!

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If this sounds like the style you want your newborn photographed in, get in touch asap! My fresh and simple sessions book FAST!


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      Choose your newborn photographer like you chose your wedding photographer! This is the biggest thing in your life since your wedding day. I want to tell the story of THIS chapter in your life!

-You’ll need to contact me while you’re still pregnant and we’ll tentatively schedule a date based on your due date. Once you have your bundle of joy, we’ll set up a time for the session within the first 2 weeks of life. I also do maternity and around 33 weeks is best!

If you’ve already had your baby, you may still contact me and if I have some space to fit you in, I’ll certainly try.


Location! My natural light studio in the Avondale area of West Ashley. For this type of session, I have a simple set up and capture naturally ‘posed’ shots of your baby sweetly wrapped, turned on his/her side, details shots, etc.


Type of Session! Fresh & simple sessions are mostly all about baby. I will have a variety of wraps to use and all ‘posing’ is simple, natural, & baby led. I will take lots of detail shots that you will fall in love with!

Props! This is simple! I use a bed with blankets and wraps and that’s it! I don’t use any sort of props like footballs, tutus, big bows, helmets etc. Please don’t ask me to 🙂

Posing: I want to make sure the client that is considering Tickled Blue understands that the posed shots I do are natural poses. I don’t do any poses a baby can’t naturally be in, for example, the popular elbows propped up with head in hands pose.


Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1042


Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0363png

That’s it! Easy right? So, go ahead and call or email me to book your newborn session with Tickled Blue Photography and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!


I can’t WAIT to hear from you! or call me at 843-608-1381

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