Baby Blue Mobile Studio



$200 remaining balance due on picture day.

Mobile Studio!-Price is for baby only shots. Parent and/or sibling shots can be added on for $50 more.

*Please note parent/sibling shot add on is just about 5 shots against a blank wall/by a window in your home and we do not use all areas as seen in the lifestyle shoot.*

This is for those of you who love the simple baby led natural style. This shoot is designed to be all about baby. Mobile allows you to stay in the comfort of your home! I’ll bring the ‘cloud’ +wrap and blankets and set up by a window in your home.

Available on Weekday mornings starting at 9am-limited availability in 2022.

Baby Led newborn photography offers a classic and genuine approach to photographing your baby. These sessions are gentle on your baby and produce a unique style and gallery for every family. I focus on your baby just as they are without props. I photograph their movements be it yawns, outstretched legs and even a squeezed up cry face. All of these things are what make this style and newborn approach special and a wonderful way to remember your baby as a newborn.

‘Real: not imitation or artificial; genuine’

My neutral and prop free style allows your baby to be the feature. My use of natural light keeps everything authentic and genuine.

45 min.-1.5 hours. 1 wrap for texture. 30+ photos. 2 week turnaround.

For newborns up to 1 month old. Best results up to 10 days after birth.

View some of my previous newborn work here.

Email me to add your due date my calendar!