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Re-create-{Charleston SC photographer}


“When it is time for something new, you will feel it. You will feel a desire to let go, to shed layers, to move, to re-create. You will know because there will be subtle shifts all around you. You will release the old because you are really clearing the path for what’s ahead. Trust this process. Know that life does not take from us anything unless there is something else imminently awaiting its replacement.”

Downtown is changing.

Have you seen the battery wall lately?

To me, it looks so different than it use to. It use to be just so battered and raw looking which I thought was wonderful.

Now with its fresh lines and even walkways, it’s still wonderful for its new purpose, but will never be what it use to be.

Change can be good though and hopefully the new wall will keep more water out as intended.

I’m so thankful to have some of these old shots of what it use to look like.

I took the above shots of my son right before he turned 7 years old(he’s 12 now). We went to watch the sunset and I took my camera just in case he let me snag a shot of him.

This is still my absolute favorite shot of him and the landscape is still one of my top Downtown Charleston shots I’ve ever taken. 

Just like the battery wall, with all of it’s changes, it’s time for some changes at Tickled Blue too! 

With the new year will come some changes around here.

I’ve been feeling the pull to focus more of my efforts on newborns for over a year now.

I love photographing families as well, but newborns are where my heart is and it’s how I got my start in photography way back in 2012.

With that said, beginning in 2024, in an effort to book more newborn due dates with my availability (including hospital shoots), I will be doing family shoots on a seasonal basis only.

In 2024, Family shoots will now be all mini style, just like my once a year fall shoots I’ve been doing for years now.

Location & Dates will be chosen in advance, you’ll book your slot on release day and within 2-3 weeks, you’ll get a gallery of photos to download and make your own prints.

There will be 4 sets of shoots to choose from:

Spring-one weekend in March among the azalea blooms-Booking will begin in late January.

Summer-Middle of July-Editing will be done in both my usual classic style AND retro film grain-Booking will begin in April

Fall-Same fall mini weekend as always(first weekend of November)-Booking will begin in July

and then there will always be a Wild Card weekend…. 

Downtown Charleston mini family shoots


These mini shoot times can be used for things like milestones, couples photography, maternity, immediate family, etc. No extended family.

This year, I hope to do a sample wild card before the end of 2023 but no guarantees.

Fee will be a flat $400 and $200 will be due to save your spot, with remaining due one week prior to picture day.

Each shoot is a 10-20 minute time slot depending on the location.

Some locations may be more light based and less time per family is required to give best light to all.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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