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This Months Pick-Golden Palmettos-{charleston sc photo prints}

Each Month a new Feature Print

The March Pick as an early release is this favorite-Golden Palmettos

Purchase through Etsy or my square shop!

Photo was taken along the battery wall of Charleston which is currently under construction and no longer looks just like this.

Size 8×8-framed and ready to hang/stick to wall

or 16×20 canvas

Only available to purchase through March.

The story behind this photo:
A couple years ago, on an evening in mid-May a few nights before my son turned 7, I took just him on a little night downtown to watch the sunset and just spend some one on one time with him.

We listened to his favorite songs with the windows down and I remember it being such a perfect night.

I didn’t dress him up, he just wore his usual t-shirt and shorts, but I brought my camera along just hoping he’d let me snag some shots of him. The photo on the left below is one of my very favorite shots I’ve ever taken of him. 

I also snapped the above shot of a very Charleston scene of a section of the battery that is now under construction and may never look just like this again. 

There’s just something about that photo that just makes you feel a certain way. The curve of the trees, the golden light, even the birds flying around.

I look at this photo and I am right back to that evening with my son.

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