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You don’t get to do some things again-{charleston childrens photographer}

Girls like to laugh
Tears don’t last
And scared’s what praying’s for
If it’s close, swing the bat
Everybody’s gotta past
And love’s worth living for
When you dance, hold her close
‘Til it breaks, go for broke
Be the first to reach for her hand
No you don’t get to do some things again…

Some of it you learn the hard way
Some of it you read on a page
Some of it comes from heartbreak
Most of it comes with age
And none of it ever comes easy
A bunch of it you maybe can’t use
I know I don’t probably know what I think I do
But there’s somethin’ to
Some of it

When you can’t take it slow
‘Cause time sure won’t
What really makes you a man
Is being true to her ’til your glass runs out of sand

-Eric Church (some of it)

The one line of that song, ‘you don’t get to do some things again’ stayed in my head as I thought about doing these photos. 🙁

I love this song so much and if you haven’t heard it, go have a listen.

Here’s my baby girl wearing my old cap and gown that my mom saved all these years….class of 2031!


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