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I was Yours, You were Mine-{Farewell K9-Arko}

“The problem with time, I’ve learned,  eventually time always runs out” -Dear John(Nicholas Sparks)

Listen, I know the world is turned upside down right now and actual people are losing their lives, but in the midst of that, a sweet german shepherd and retired police K-9 named Arko is one of the many for whom time has run out.

Though this has been planned and we knew in advance this day was coming as his health has been going down hill for some time now, it was still incredibly sad to say our final goodbyes today. 

What a gentle yet stubborn & sweet dog he was who never met a ball he didn’t like.


I wrote this for my husband, Tommy as a tribute to both of them:


I was yours,

You were mine

Together we defended

that thin blue line


Day shift, night shift

Training days too

But when I came home

I loved your family just as true


My partner, my master, my friend

my person

You never gave up

even when my condition continued to worsen


Now I can barely get up

I can no longer chase a ball

And I know it’s been hard for you

to keep watching me fall


So it’s time to say goodbye

And you are doing what you must

For in your hands you’ve always held

my faith, love and trust


Over and out my faithful friend

Thanks for loving me until the very end.


So long Arko. We’ll hold onto the memories forever.

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