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What do you miss-{charleston sc photographer}

What do you miss?

We’ve all thought about this lately and have a running list of where we will go and what we will do when we can get back out into the world again.

For me it’s lots of things.  

I miss working!

I miss booking shoots like crazy in the spring season and being out downtown among the blooms meeting new families and photographing them together.

I miss structure.

Little things like the morning school ride this time of year with the windows down and then coming home to be productive with the spring breeze blowing in my front windows.


I miss the fun of a new season and just everything about the kids baseball/t-ball seasons.

I miss eating inside restaurants! Going to the movies! Going…anywhere

Basically all the things they now say we can’t do anymore.

And just for fun, words I hope to never hear again when this is all said and done:

Unprecedented, social distancing, abundance of caution, quarantine

It’s far from over, I’m afraid, but after 2 weeks of no school and all of the above, it has me longing for the things we use to love this time of year.

Here are some photos of lovely downtown Charleston when people could roam freely & there was no virus lurking.

Soon the whole city will smell of confederate jasmine and then bursting with pink crepe myrtle blooms.

Something to look forward to…


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