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Ollie Swaddle Review-{charleston sc newborn photographer}

Are you looking for the most perfect swaddle for your bundle of joy?

I’ve found it for you mamas or those of you looking for a gift to give!

It’s called the Ollie Swaddle and it’s super easy to use, snug, and the colors are neutral and pretty!

I was sent the swaddle for a product shoot for them recently and was able to put it to the test. Baby was getting fussy and we were nearing the end of our shoot. I pulled out the swaddle and within seconds of getting it snug and just right, baby relaxed and drifted off to dreamland!

Put this on your registry or if you’re a friend/family member of a mom to be, this would make a wonderful and most importantly USEFUL baby shower gift idea!

Snag one HERE…


Here are some other unique and USEFUL items to give at a baby shower or for mamas to just stock up on things you will actually need and use


 I use white noise at every single baby shoot and for my own kids I have used it since they were little. This machine won’t be something you use a few months, then throw out. My 7 and 4 year old still use white noise or whatever other fun noises on the machine they choose for the night. Snag one of these for sure!!=


Let’s face it, trimming baby nails is a scary thing! They’re so teeny tiny and the last thing you want to do is cut their skin or make this a bad experience. It has to be done though, so do it with ease with this nifty little invention!

You will find sadly enough, find that you can’t hold that precious baby all.the.time. You will need to shower, to wash bottles, dishes, laundry, tend to your other child..etc. Having something to place your baby in that’s easy to carry and place wherever in your home you end up is most definitly a MUST! I love this Dock a Tot! Seriously so USEFUL!

Nursing or not, you’re gonna want a comfy bra! This bra would be easy to nurse with while not sacrificing style and comfort! I love this one and have it in a few colors. I’m obviously not nursing, but I know I would have loved having one like this versus the ones that are specifically FOR nursing. 

When I had Easton, I didn’t really know about the world of baby carrying. Social media wasn’t as much of a thing and you know, we just weren’t in the know like we are now. When Hallie came along in 2014 though, I found the baby Ktan carrier. I LOVED this baby wrap for her early days. When she got bigger, I began using the ergo and LOVED it as well, but for those early newborn days, even when just at home and you want to be hands free, these baby wearing wraps and carriers were my top picks for comfort, ease and a happy baby! Hallie often napped in either one and they were true life savers for me:


Once they get about 4 months+, it’s super easy to slip them right in the ergo and snap in the back. I loved how easy this one was to put on. Tip…you don’t need the infant insert if you get the Ktan too. I never used the infant insert with ergo.

So there you go. A list of useful baby items I think you mamas will love! Tried and true! 😉

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