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Tickled Blue’s Wall of Personality-{charleston sc newborn photographer}

You know what I love about newborn shoots??

Seeing your babies personality come through.

I love all of their quirks, the little things they do, the way they move, and the sweet way they stretch. 

If they want to give me the side eye, flip me off, smile, yawn, stretch, stay awake the whole time, show me their muscles, dimples and how they can wink already, I’m going to photograph that and be the happiest photographer.

I had a newborn shoot today that was the most stress free ever. That’s what I want for all of my newborn shoots. I want you to walk in feeling no stress about what your baby might do. Don’t come in with any expectations. If your baby sleeps, that’s great, but if they want to squirm and move the whole time, it’s honestly just even better b/c I’m better able to capture them, just as they are, at this precious newborn phase. 

So, from here on out, if you bring your baby in a plain white onesie, I’ll credit you back $3!! I’ll photograph them in that onesie before I swaddle. 

I just want you to come in stress free knowing that no matter what your baby gives the camera, it’s ok b/c that is them at this phase. Nothing forced, just simple, baby led photography.

Check out this wall of personality I created below.

I’m going to create a special tab just for this on the site and I’ll add to it as I photograph your babies awesomeness.

At the end of the year, I’ll do a vote or something like that and the winner will receive a free print.

SO, going forward, this is the vibe I want for all of my studio newborns.

Let’s get your due date on my calendar & once they arrive, bring them to me in a white onesie for a smooth, stress free newborn shoot that’s just all about them and what THEY want to do!

Email me to reserve yours:

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