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Mothers Day & Pink and blue houses-{charleston sc family and childrens photographer}

I hope all of you mamas had a wonderful Mothers Day! 

Over the last few days I’ve had the chance to photograph both of my little ones and I’m thankful for the one on one time we spent. I never dress Hallie up too much but we went classic this time and hit downtown. I adore these photos of her. I’m calling them her ‘she’s still 3’ photos b/c her birthday is still over a month away and I’m soaking her up at ‘still just 3’. 

I mostly got Easton in his element. He highly dislikes dressing up, so I took him ‘just us’ downtown to watch a sunset and snuck in a few shots of him in his play clothes, but they’re so him and I love that the most. Then I snagged a few of him in the dugout at his baseball game this weekend, also very much in his element. He’ll be the big SEVEN next week and I’m still in disbelief.

These 2 are my reason and I’m so thankful to be their mama!



Still so her….

I did this video in my studio when she turned 3 last June. 

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