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This little piggy-{charleston sc newborn photographer}

This little piggy!  I can’ help but crack up at his grip on her tiny new leg :)! (top left photo)

Moms reply to full gallery: “OMG these are amazing!!!! Seriously great great work. So many precious moments captured. I’ll make sure to submit a raving review soon.”

Y’all, It’s not just about taking great photos, it’s truly the full experience! Customer service from start to finish is so important and I’m afraid many photographers out there today have forgotten this! If you do read a negative review about a photographer, don’t let it get you down about the industry as a whole. There are bad apples in every field, but there are plenty who want your business and will be thankful for it! When you’re looking for a photographer though, do keep in mind their track record. If you’re reading negative reviews, it can be a red flag, so skip that one, and find one who takes care of their clients, respects them, and does their job well from start to finish. 

SomethingS old and something new! 😉

Moms old wooden cradle and Raggedy Ann. 

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