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She Has Red Hair-{charleston sc newborn photographer}

My newborn shoots go a little like this:

Wrap, photograph, unwrap slightly, photograph, a little more, photograph, feet out, photograph.

So simple but they yield such a unique and amazing result for each and every baby. Every stretch, sleepy yawn, scrunched face, even a good sneeze, I get all of that b/c I think it’s important. Stretch those legs out and show off the knee wrinkles, oh please do that! That’s on my list of favorite things! 

These sessions are meant for one reason —>To remember this phase of their life when they were brand new. No props needed b/c  the way they look and even move when they’re this new is enough. Nothing is forced and uncomfortable. I wrap them in my beloved white single wrap and they do the rest, which if you ask me is simply magical, every single time:).

Here’s my latest(and she’s extra special b/c she has this adorable RED HAIR! Not partial or anything ;)…


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