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With You-{charleston family and childrens photographer}

My project for the year was to get in the photo more WITH my kids. I didn’t do great at it, as you can see, there are only 6, BUT I’m so glad I did any at all! My son won’t play with those super heroes for much longer & my daughter will  begin to lose that cute baby face profile I love so much in the bottom left photo. I want to do this as they grow, but getting these shots with them while they’re still so little is so important to me.  My goal for 2018 is to do more of this. More real life moments and of course to grab a shot of the hubs and me, but I can’t really bribe him with a cookie ;). 

I encourage you, even if its just with a cell phone, to jump in the frame with your kids. The photos don’t need to be perfect, just real, and I promise by the years end, you won’t regret that you did these!

And since I can’t leave him out, here’s the hubs and I at our family photo shoot in Savannah this past fall. It was FREEZING that morning and while the photog worked with the kids, we stood to the side and she grabbed this moment. I loved this one!

Photo Cred: Apt. B Photography


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