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Across the Atlantic-{charleston sc family photographer}

I’ve photographed families from all over the US, but this family wins. They came all the way from Workwickshire in England. They were so much fun as we went through some interesting and tucked away areas of Charming Charleston. I felt like saying to every person or car getting in the way of our shots, ‘excuse me, can you move along, they came all the way from ENGLAND, don’t ya know’, HA! 

He didn’t instantly love me, maybe it was the strong southern accent, but it didn’t take long for him to smile at me over his moms shoulder. I caught the very moment he did just that 🙂

Careful on the cobblestone. I just love this shot!

We did find a crepe myrtle along the cobble stone and ‘alice in wonderland’ house that I had to get in a shot or two for them since it’s so common place here. 

I loved their phrase for swinging! They called it ‘hippity voosh’ which just makes it sound so much more fun than swinging, doesn’t it? 🙂

He was definitely his happiest doing the hippity voosh, or any other 3 year old boy things like running, jumping from a ledge or being tickled. Look at that grin in the b/w :O :)!

Thanks for a wonderful morning and hope you have safe travels back to the UK.

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