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Hurricane Irma-{charleston sc family photographer}

Today is a new day. It’s beautiful outside and feels just like a perfect early fall day. You’d never know that just yesterday the ocean met the battery and just gushed over it’s rails. The photos of it are unreal and astonishing. Today, the water recedes, the tornadoes are gone and we are left picking up the debris. For me personally, we were spared! So lucky to have power the whole time and no damage to our home or neighborhood. Many others are not so lucky with floods, loss of power and trees on homes. These storms amaze me. They are powerful and even though we were far from the eye of the storm, the high tides and eastern side of the storm coming off the ocean was intense for Charleston. I dread to see the beaches and the damage done there. Our beautiful beaches just change with every hurricane that makes it our way. 

Mother nature is a fierce lady and a force to be reckoned with, but this wall, the beautiful battery wall has endured so much over the years with storms and floods and roaring tides, but she still stands! Isn’t that amazing?

We continue to pray for the Harvey victims, and now the Irma Victims mostly in Florida. Let’s all help in any way we can and come together in times of destruction and tragedy!

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