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Where Did Summer Go-{charleston sc family and childrens photographer}

This summer is Fa-lying by, isn’t it?

This week was our first week of just chill at home kind of stuff I feel since school let out. No camps, slow photo shoot week, and no huge appointments to make. It was nice, but boy did these two wild turkeys of mine drive me crazy! Let’s just keep it real, finding balance is SO hard. I had a week full of sessions last week and trying to stay on my 2 week turn-around, reschedule rained out shoots, schedule babies being born, answer a thousand emails(that I’m so grateful for) PLUS be the best mom I can be and keep these two entertained and busy was a feat to say the least. 

I wanted to do this post to remind you all who find your way here who is behind Tickled Blue. Me, just little old me trying to be a boss, an accountant, a picture taker, an email responder, a photo editor and most importantly a mom. All of my clients are AH-mazing and understanding when it takes me longer than a day to reply to an email (though that’s not standard) and I’m so appreciative, but as I get closer to my busy fall season & inquiries start to flow, I thought it was a good time to say, ‘hey it’s just me over here running this show’. I don’t have an assistant unless ‘Alexa’ counts as she keeps me jamming and jokes flowing, or ‘Iris’ my scheduler who keeps me organized behind the scenes.  Most of the time I can’t even answer the phone b/c of background noise, so email is always the best way to reach me. 

And just in case you wonder what it looks like when I do get to my desk during the day(and you can see why I don’t usually), it’s like this… Super hero’s are flying and my sidekick, Hallie, is usually behind me in my chair putting pencils down the back of my shirt, which surprisingly feels pretty good ;), or doing my hair like a princess. This is my beautiful mess, this fleeting phase of life I’m in, that I love and wouldn’t change for any organized desk or perfect schedule.  This is us…


During this hectic summer, if I don’t reply back to your email right away, it may be because I was knocked in the head by the Hulk or I’m trying to get all the pencils out of my shirt.

However long you have to wait for your gallery, whether it’s 1 or 2 weeks, I’m striving to blow you away with your photos and make them well worth the wait :)!  



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