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When She was 3-{charleston sc family and children’s photographer}

When she was three.

That’s what I’ll say one day when I look back at this/watch her mini movie.

I remember her laughing like that, when she was three.

I remember her talking that way, when she was three.

I remember getting to hold her like that, when she was three…


We did some photos at home closer to her birthday, but I had been wanting to take her in studio and interview her and capture her crazy self on video. We did just that recently and I’m finished up with the edits and ready to share!

Thank God for this girl. She makes life very interesting and keeps this mama on her toes all the time!

I’ve also been playing lately with this one pocket of moody light in my studio and really just mad that I never used it before now(The b/w bottom left photo).  That photo just reminds me of those shadow profile drawings we all know and love, just brought to life a bit more.

Drumroll…..Her mini movie….


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