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Happy Birthday My Baby Girl-{charleston sc photographer}

‘Oh darling don’t you ever grow up, don’t you ever grow up, just stay this little. I won’t let nobody hurt you. Wont’ let no one break your heart. And no one will desert you. Just try to never grow up’ ~Taylor Swift

Ok baby girl?

Ah, but you will, as you should and I will let you b/c it’s so fun to watch you do just that. I love you my sweet girl and today on your birthday, this post is just for pretty little you.


I can picture us years and years from now looking back at these photos of when you were just 3 years old. I’ll be so old and you’ll be all grown and beautiful. You’ll probably laugh and I’ll just cry b/c I’ll actually remember the rainy summer afternoon that we did them just a few days shy of your 3rd birthday. I left my hair on top of my head as it usually is when we’re home, scooped you up and we just sat and talked and played by the window and you had no idea I was actually taking pics of us.

She’s tough as nails and loves and fights fierce. Her laugh is contagious and her personality is the stuff happiness is made of. That’s my girl.

When I asked her to touch her nose to mine 😉

We are far from the perfect mom and daughter duo, but I’m thankful for the us that is us. We are doing alright sweetheart. I’m forever thankful for the day you came into my life and I got to be your mommy. I’ll always have your back baby girl and I wish you the very best Birthday a three year old girl could ask for! xo Mom

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