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He’s 5, she’s 2! I’m 30 something…-{charleston sc mom and me photographer}

He’s 5, she’s 2! I’m 30 something…

and before the end of summer, we’ll all be plus one! 

These are my Babies, my world. Love these two oh so much and they are growing up fast. Since we are on spring break, I took a moment in between egg dying, egg hunting, playing outside, riding bikes, trips to get donuts, cartoons +all the messes to capture them…. with me :o! This is my project for the year and it’s proving to be hard! The last one I did was January! It’s hard to love a photo of yourself, but years from now, when I’m really wrinkly and old, I’ll cherish these of me when my babies were still babies and I was a bit younger.

Oh and I adore the one on the right b/c while I did tell them to hold hands, I did not tell him to grab my face like that. Melt my heart sweet child of mine! 



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