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Spring Maternity Session-{charleston sc maternity baby bump photographer}

All of these baby bumps can only mean one thing! Lots of babies coming this spring! I’m so excited to meet them all.

I met up with this sweet couple expecting their first baby on a chilly downtown morning this weekend.

I was super excited to work with this couple b/c I could tell by her forms that she gets it! She had the nicest things to say and is the definition of my ideal client! 

I ask in my questionnaire, what is important to you when choosing a photographer and why did you choose me?:

Her answer:

Quality. Price is definitely a consideration, but I look back on our wedding pictures and I don’t fall in love with them over and over again. I love your style & editing, there’s depth and character. I found other photographers who had more “affordable” pricing but I know I wouldn’t have been happy with the pictures even spending a fraction of the cost. You’re the first photographer I stumbled upon via Google & when I went back to your site after chatting with a few other photographers, I still felt really good about you!

And they were just as wonderful in person as I expected! 

I do want you to look back at your photos and go right back to that day and moment. Remember that blip in time when your baby was still in your belly with nothing but smiles. Go back to that evening when your precious little one had not a care in the world but just spinning in the sunshine. The day after your baby was born and you were still glowing from the adventure but beautiful in the window light! Whatever the occasion, Choose your photographer b/c you love their photos and stop, just stop worrying about the price. Every photographers fee is based on a number of different things including cost of doing business, skill level, experience, etc. No matter what you pay, that most certainly won’t matter to you years from now! Just focus on finding a photographer who’s photos you fall in love with. Loving your own photos years and years down the road is all that really truly matters when it’s all said and done.

I feel like the photo on the right of just mom has some major symbolism going on. Motherhood is such a windy curvy road full of so many ‘branches’ of emotions both happy, sometimes sad or scary, exciting, life changing and just the most amazing adventure of someones life! I get so excited to work with first time parents b/c they have so many good times ahead and may or may not realize the ride they’re about to get on!

More to come of this sweet baby bump session! 


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