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A fresh & New Idea-{charleston sc childrens photographer}

You know those people who have everything in order, their full day is planned to a T, they organize everything? Yeah, that’s not me! I’m usually on time, I don’t miss deadlines if they’re written down or my phone reminds me, but everything else going through my mind is a mess. Ideas flow in and I have to literally pull my car over sometimes to write them down. I have a hard time shutting my mind down at times. I guess that’s why they say if you want to know what a creative mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2,485 tabs open All.the.Time! It’s true! Some of my ideas are pretty terrible and never come to fruition, some do and and quickly fade, and then there are those that stick. I’m sure some of you can relate to a mind like mine. Or maybe you just think I’m a little crazy. I am, it’s ok. 🙂

With that said, I have a new session idea that I’m just really pumped to introduce. I tested this out on my own boy who’s still five but going on 6 oh too soon. I have always wondered why people seem to stop doing the milestones of their kids after they turn one or two. 3 year olds are my favorite, I love to hear what’s happening in a 4 year olds mind and 5+, well let’s just say we can all learn a little something from them!  They ALL have so much to say and it’s all, every word, worth remembering. So I’m here to help you remember them with something fun at these tender lovable ages with my new milestone mini movies.


Watch, and I’ll explain more below… Click ‘HD’.


Ah, there it is.  I hope you loved it! It’s not perfect, but the idea of what these can be excites me! The best part about these is that they will all be so different from each other. All of the personalities and the things they say/do will make their own mini movie completely original!

My goal is to begin these in my studio, then maybe venture outside with them, but I’m keeping it simple to start with. The ‘interview’ questions are up to you and will be your voice of course, not mine. It can be more about their movements, or the things they say. I did a bit of both with Easton. 


I’m offering these at an introductory price for the first few of these I book, so email me to get more details and let’s do this! I’m so excited and hope you are too! 


Full session includes:

digital images to print up to 8×10

HD mini movie via digital download (much like the above)

30-45 minute session at my studio in Avondale of West Ashley

Sucker for being good 😉


Email me and let’s get your little star on my calendar!

We also had some fun with the art walls around my studio. Avondale is a truly unique piece of town and I’m so dang lucky to have a studio space in the heart of it!

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