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Special Sessions For The Greater Good-{charleston sc family and childrens photographer}

Happy New Year! 

I have been blessed to do some very special sessions in the last 5 years for some really great people. Something about sessions with a  greater purpose make me feel refreshed and just re-energized ! While I love taking the ‘normal’ pictures, it gives me a sense of being useful with my talent in a different kind of way when I’m using it for the greater good. During my slower months, I want to put aside 1-2 of my available dates to offer these special sessions.

Some examples of sessions I have done are my most recent one that you saw here on the blog for a mother who gave birth to a still born and wanted to celebrate the one year anniversary of what was a terrible day in a sweet way by doing a balloon release for her baby boy in Charleston. In the past, I did a session for a mother with cancer and her family who sadly passed just 3 months to the day of the session. I went on to do her memorial ceremony at the beach where family members spread her ashes into the ocean. It was private and never shared here, but touched me in a way I can’t quite explain. Then there was the special fresh 48 session where the father was very sick and passed just a few months later.  

If you are in a situation where you feel you would be a good fit for one of these sessions(or know someone you’d like to do this for), just email me, name your price and we’ll schedule the date based on your personal situation.


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