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Always Learning-{charleston sc family photographer}

Every time my family and I step in front of the camera I gain a new perspective or am at least reminded of what it’s like for my family clients. Man is it hard work making sure everyone is behaving, your hair is just right, your daughters bow isn’t falling out, etc etc! AH! What a whirlwind feeling when you are done, everyone is just exhausted! …And then the anxious waiting for your sneak peek, my goodness, good times!

On Friday, before stepping in front of the camera tonight, I photographed alongside Doug with Twig and Olive Photography and learned so much from him. I’m very excited to incorporate some new things I learned into my family sessions! I have a bunch of those coming up as prime family session season has arrived!  Here are just a few,  More to come…

Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1752

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