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He’s Back-{Charleston Sc Photographer}

UPDATE: After posting this, Arko was evaluated and it was determined he would need surgery #3 on his back paw this time. Surgery was Dec. 14th, and he is scheduled to come home today(dec. 15th) with 6 weeks recovery. We hope this is the last hurdle for him and he’ll be back at it sooner than later! Needless to say, we are ready for 2016!

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Almost exactly 5 months ago, this dog right here had his worst day of the year. He jumped from a 3rd floor window and while lucky to be alive, he broke both his front paws and a new journey began. He had his first surgery just a few days later and came home with a catheter and both front legs in full casts! From that day on, It was an adjustment for all of us and has proven to be quite the challenge for the entire family. We’ve made sacrifices as a family, Arko has suffered the pain, and my husband has pulled a load that no one can really understand, not me or even his co-workers. It’s been really hard and humbling at the same time. Between carrying him in and out of the house, back and forth to the vet, watching him get sedated over and over again, it has been a roller-coaster that no one wants to be on. No one wanted to get better more than Arko himself though and what a strong dog he is! Just 2 weeks after finally getting his casts off that he’s had for FIVE long months, he made a trip around the block using all 4 legs and actually pulling my husband a bit showing his strength.
Today, Tommy suited up again in his old K9 uniform, leashed up Arko and they made the trek to the car as I of course photographed it ;)! It felt really good to see Arko jump in the car on his own, rather than being carried in.
July 6th, Arko had a fantastic day, he caught a kidnapper in Mount Pleasant without even realizing what he had done. July 7th started like a typically day but ended pretty terribly. We really didn’t know what his outcome was going to be and I guess we really still don’t but TODAY, Dec. 2nd, he jumped in the car and he’s back on duty and I couldn’t be happier about that. Way to go Arko! It’s nice to see you back!

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