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My loves-{charleston sc childrens photographer}

Spunky, fun, silly, beautiful…just THE BEST. What did I ever do without this little girl in my life? Thank God for her, I love her so. She’s growing fast, entering the toddler phase and so full of life. She already has the biggest personality, I can’t imagine what’s to come.

She loves:

to dance dance dance(will say ‘I dance’), shoes, read her books, play with her brother, go everywhere, eat whatever you’re having, snuggle, give kisses, belly buttons!…I could go on!

Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1349.jpg
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1348.jpg

Her pointy toes<3!
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1347.jpg
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1350.jpg Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1354.jpg

See! It’s all about the belly buttons!
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1352.jpg

Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_1351

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