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Sarah-Beth Photography Workshop Review-{charleston sc family photographer}

The month of June has been a total whirlwind! May flew by as it always does and I haven’t slowed down. I’ve been slammed with summer sessions and am so blessed to be busy. Over the weekend, I took some time to attend a workshop with the madly talented Sarah of Sarah-Beth Photography. She’s based in Indiana but came to Charlotte where we spent half a day as sponges just soaking in her knowledge! I was surrounded by 4 other amazingly talented photographers from as far as Texas and Iowa. We were welcomed into the home of THE Ashley Stamper of Laynie and Belle who just happens to be Sarah’s best bud. I needed somebody to just pinch me already! I feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to attend such a workshop and can’t wait to apply the things I learned to my future sessions! Lucky y’all!! :).
During our ‘classroom’ part of the workshop, it thundered and poured rain, but it started to trickle off as we got ready to load up & head to the location so we were hopeful. Along the way, we spotted a DOUBLE RAINBOW and the sun came out with my favorite…a sky of pretty clouds!!
I’ve compiled just a few of the photos we took of our model family for the evening below. I couldn’t get over how smooth it went. I mean 3 kids ages 5 and under, and no real chaos! HOW? This family was beyond beautiful and so easy to work with.
I’ve also posted some behind the scenes of Sarah in action, the group pic, the rainbows and the gorgeous sky we were working with all via iphone.
Besides online learning and workshops, this is only the second workshop I’ve attended in person. My first was the Julie Paisley workshop back in 2013 which was AMAZING and now I have a new one to recommend. Sarah is friendly from the start. She has a bubbly personality that you can’t help but love and feel instantly comfortable around. She doesn’t hold back and just tells it like it is. I truly enjoyed this experience and am just sad that it flew by so dang fast.
Thank you Sarah for an amazing workshop! Until we meet again…

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