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Turning Two and Full of Smiles-{charleston sc childrens photographer}

I had the best time photographing this beautiful 2 year old. We had a perfect semi-warm evening in February with an amazing sunset to boot. I always say you shouldn’t stop the milestone sessions at age one and this adorable session is a great example of why. They are so full of spunk beyond age one and should be captured when they are still so young and adorable. I had such a fun time dancing, singing, & just playing with this toddler out on the creek.  Check her out below(plus her furry friend who made an appearance in a few)…


Kelly, I hope you don’t mind me sharing your sweet email I woke up to this morning:


Words cannot explain how I feel right now. How in the world did you capture all of these expressions of Ella Rai! I am baffled by the quality of these photos (and I consider myself very picky)! Thank you so so so much for doing such a wonderful job! You really do have a talent like no other!! I am so in love with the images! And you were so calm and natural with ER! Thanks again so so much! 
Xoxo Kelly”

Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0954.jpg
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0956.jpg
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0955.jpg
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0957.jpg
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0953.jpg

Can you guess what song she was dancing to here?Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0952.jpg

Taylor Swift, ‘shake it off’ of course!!!
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0959.jpg
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0958.jpg

I think this was my favorite! Even at the end of the session, she was still so happy and sweet. Maybe a tad cold at this point, but her little pose, outfit and coolest red shoes just make this photo pop!
Tickled Blue_Charleston_sc_family_newborn_childrens_photographer_0960.jpg

Now don’t wait, book your child’s milestone session!!

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