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A Dog Cake Smash-{charleston dog photographer}

Because Dogs have birthdays too!!

This German Shepherd is turning the big 3 and is so much more than just a dog. He’s a highly trained police K9 serving right here in the Lowcountry at MPPD. Not only that, but he’s also a part of our family! My hubby switched to the K9 unit around April of 2014 and he and Arko graduated the very week our baby girl was born in late June. It has been quite the whirlwind adjusting to 2 new family members +a new schedule for my husband. A cake smash was totally warranted given what Arko has been through since his last birthday. He had to adjust to us, his new home & a new (very important) job as well.

I wish I had a photo of hubby with his 4-legged partner but he avoids my camera at all costs! Although not pictured, this is about him too. As hard as it can be being a leos wife,  I know its 10 times harder for them. The ride down the driveway beeping the horn as your 3 year old watches and waves from the window and not really knowing what your shift that day or night will hold. To know he’s driving away with this cake lovin’ dog makes me rest a bit easier.

This whole cake smash thing was actually my hubby’s idea(don’t let him fool you), and given all the bad about the police in the news lately, being able to have fun and celebrate them like this is just a must!

Happy Birthday Arko and many many more!
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