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Charleston storytelling family photo session-{Charleston, sc lifestyle family photographer}

I have been wanting to do a session like this for the longest time. It’s been on my price sheet for so long, but it’s a tough sell. Most people think their homes are messy and cluttered, and well, maybe they are, but guess what, that’s OK because I’m not going to be photographing that! I feel like this session is so appropriate for a baby from 4 months to a year old. So many little things they do or you do with them that are worth remembering! That first year goes so fast and we only get them as babies for a short time. A couple years from now, I personally feel, photos like these will be cherished so much more than the standard family photos most are accustomed to. These photos are real, just you and your everyday! Nothing fake or posed at all!I converted many of them to b/w because I love the emotion in the b/w for this type of session. It takes away any distraction that may be there and focuses in on the family and the moment they’re having.

Be honest, wouldn’t you as an adult absolutely love to have photos of you as a baby just like this with your own parents?

This session took only one hour! Yep, that’s all the time I need! I directed them to do different things to help the session flow, but they know how to play with their child,  his favorite books that will grab his attention, the best way to tickle him to make him really laugh, etc.

Check out this session below and next time you’re ready to book a family photo session, consider something like this instead of the outdoor session this time.



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