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Summer Saturdays-{Charleston Lifestyle Family Photographer}

It’s officially summer, wouldn’t you say? My June is pretty darn full, but I want to open up a new type of session beginning in JULY! I’ve decided to call these Summer Saturdays! They will take place in your home, last an hour with unlimited outfit changes.  Summer Saturday Sessions are lifestyle type sessions where I photograph your family in the comfort of your home doing things you normally do like reading books to your kids, photographing them in their playroom or their room playing with their favorite toys. Your kids will be in their most natural element and the smiles, laughs, etc will all be totally real, which are the best!

I do think everyone needs a good posed shot of the whole family looking and giving their best smiles, but I think you also need to be captured in your everyday!  You don’t have to dress up, just be casual and barefoot even! I can photograph your family having breakfast, making breakfast, blowing bubbles on the porch, swinging in the hammock, baking cookies, making a craft, coloring, the list goes on.  Moms you will be in the photos of your kids doing their everyday and that is sooooo important!

These sessions can be in the morning or on a Saturday afternoon, but they are meant to be done at your home. We’ll use all areas of your home so tidy up and open up your blinds to let some light flow in.

If you are interested in more info, please email me at

Session fee listed below is an introductory fee and covers time and talent only. Photos in print and digital form are all purchased separate from this session fee. For this type of session, I suggest an album as the photos will tell a story!


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