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2 Year Old Lifestyle Photo Session-{Charleston Toddler and Children’s Photographer}

My idea for his 2 year old photo session was to let him do a two year old cake smash since we didn’t do it at age one. I also DID actually attempt some photos of him downtown by myself and only got a few since he’s more into running the other way and I honestly didn’t feel like they represented him at this age. They were just him looking at the camera, no real smiles or anything. Today, I decided to give him his favorite foods and snap away at him enjoying them just like he does all the time at home! OH MY, it turned out so cool, so him and so my style!! Nothing makes this (almost) 2 year old happier than a box of ‘ray ray’s'(yogurt raisins) with a side of bagel(babel) plus cream cheese of course. Our fur child even joined in to really make him giggle. After the food fun, he needed to be washed down and clothes changed, only he didn’t want new clothes on, so diaper it was(our normal). I gave him his favorite book right now, ‘go dog go’ and he sat for me while I snapped a few.  His favorite part is when they go to the tree at the end for a party so I got a photo of that page!

I think Kids are just so much more natural at their own home, in their own environment around their familiar things and toys. Many at this age, even love to show off things they love and toys they play with. With that said, if you love the photos below and want to capture the real of your own child, contact me to do something like this for you in your home!

I already do this for newborns. I come to them in their homes using their nursery and do a variety of different shots right there using their home. The same can be done for family photos!!  Yes, I said family! Everyone can be involved(fur kids too). If you’re child has a favorite toy or blanket, this is the perfect way to document that too b/c the photos aren’t traditional and posed. Clearly the photo session you get would be of more than just one thing(like a meal), but this is a great example.

At home lifestyle sessions can include you reading books to your kids, eating a meal(maybe their favorite), them helping you prepare it, kids playing in their room or playroom, photos on the front or back porch, blowing bubbles outside, etc etc. So many possibilities and no one including you mom(always behind the camera) will be left out of these photos!!

I will come up with a name for them and a special introductory rate so stay tuned for more info on these and please let me know if you are interested in something like this.



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