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Family Beach Photo Session-{Charleston Family Beach Photographer}

I’ve been struggling with what to write for this session and I thought, well, maybe I’ll just start with what she said when I asked if I could mention the cancer. Her response when I asked her was absolutely, it is reality and whoever reads it will already know or will become informed that nobody is immune. True, right? I love that she said that and just how real it is. You would never really know without me telling you that this gorgeous mama is battling cancer. She’s in the fight for her life and has this adorable family right beside her. We got together on a Tuesday and had the most perfect evening for a session. The weather was just right, the sunset was beautiful, we even got to see some dolphins which I think made it extra cool for the kids.  I was spoiled a bit working with kids their age b/c I’m not use to the kids looking when I say to or doing what I tell them to.

One thing that keeps getting to me after this session is that she had just endured a chemo treatment the day before. You would never know it on the day of our session, but the very day after our session she told me that it was perfect timing to do the session on Tuesday b/c her hair was starting to fall out on Wednesday.  I just wanted to mention that to show how real the situation is.

I’m usually very light and breezy with my posts about sessions, and if you looked at these photos without reading the text, you’d think it was just my normal beach session, but behind the smiles and laughs in these photos is a family that is facing something bigger than them. 

She keeps saying thank you to me, but I want to say thank you to her and her family b/c this is the reason I do this! Moments like the below are memories that this family will cherish. I think when you get hit with what they are battling, you do cherish little moments and you don’t take the small things for granted. The way your son, daughter, or husband holds your hand, looks at you, etc. I’m so thankful I got to freeze some of those moments for them. So thank you for letting me capture these  for you! I hope you love them, print them out and frame them big on your wall!

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