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She’s Here and She’s Really Cute-{charleston, sc newborn photographer}

Newborns!  The more I do, the more I love working with them and their parents. This little angel made me love them that much more too bc she was up for anything and my easiest newborn to date. Most of the newborns I do don’t really want to sleep, but this cutie wouldn’t open her eyes! I love to photograph newborns with their parents, held tightly, snuggling with mom and dad, or swaddled in a blanket in their crib. We got to do everything on my list! We even tried to wake her for some eyes open shots, but she wasn’t having it. This couple and new family of 3(four if you count moose), were so easy to work with. We did maternity photos at the beach not too long ago and I knew after meeting them that the newborn session would be wonderful. They were so sweet with each other then and they displayed the same gentleness with their precious new baby girl as I met with them in their home. I was so happy we could include Moose in some of the photos too. What a cool dog he was and so interested in my camera.

Thank y’all for letting me come into your home and capture you in your first week with your new baby girl. Enjoy her and this precious phase b/c it’s gone in the blink of an eye!

I made this onesie and brought along. They were game for anything and were happy to use it in some photos. Turned out so cute!


I loved this real moment! I think I was setting up for the posed shots and turned around to Daddy yawning, mommy changing baby, and dog watching.  A good REAL view of the first week at home with a newborn right? 🙂

Dont forget to watch the slideshow. The program I use sometimes decides to crop the photos, so please excuse the ones that are done that way in this video.

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