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Before I’m 30 {personal post}

A more personal post today…

I spent some time cleaning out my office this morning and trying to consolidate and organize when I stumbled upon my 2008 day planner. I’m one of those people who keeps my planner from every year b/c I write down everything! I had lots of papers stuffed inside like old credit card bills & bank statements to name a few. Within the stack of old papers though I found something I had done many years ago and apparently just carried around with me until 2008. What was it?


It’s a list I made sometime between college and 2008 with all the things I wanted to do before I turned 30. The list has very do-able things like, ‘go apple picking’, &  ‘try surfing’. It has some funny things like ‘cook a 5 course meal for Tommy’, to which he replied ‘I don’t want you to do that one’! I never have been so great at cooking and he knows it.

I have some that sound silly to me now like ‘own a pair of designer jeans’. I could really care less about that kind of thing now-a-days. I just want whatever fits good.

I love that I have ‘read 10 danielle steel novels’ and then have just one strike next to it. I’ve still only managed to read one of her novels and that was Bungalow ii back in probably 2008.

Both ‘Go somewhere that requires a formal floor length gown’ and ‘go to a winery, smoosh grapes with my feet, and find out what my favorite wine really is’ just crack me up.

I love finding things like this from years ago that I didn’t even remember making or holding onto. I can’t help but think just how ironic it is that I found this list in my 29th year of life! Many things are not checked off of that list. I actually don’t really know why these were the things I chose to put on a list to do before I’m 30. I can tell by reading it that I was in a sort of carefree point in my life looking for very fun things to do. Some of these things could probably fit into just one day like  ‘run down a slip n slide’, ‘ride in a helicopter over charleston’, or ‘ride in a limo’.  Many of them were about traveling like  ‘visit paris in the fall’ &  ‘go to a red sox game’.

And then..I thought it kind of funny that as I sat there laughing like crazy at this list while listening to pam tillis greatest hits that i also found in an old drawer,  that I had left one very important thing off that list…

I may not be able to check things off of that list I found, but I’ve done so much more than the silly things on that list and I’m still not 30! I would still love to do some of them like ‘go backstage at a kenny chesney concert’, but they aren’t as important to me now as they were then. It sure would be fun to ‘spend a week in hawaii and attend a real Luau’, but I”m not so sure it would make the list today :).

Here’s one more photo I took just for fun of that list with ragged torn edges that I think I’ll stick in the back of this years planner. Maybe I’ll make a new list of things to do before I’m 40 on the back of it and then maybe I’ll ironically find it at age 39!

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