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Lifestyle Newborn Photography-{charleston newborn photographer}

Be in your newborn photos! That’s what I want to talk about today!

Let me explain why.

Everytime I do a lifestyle newborn session, I fall more and more in love with that style of photography. I love it especially for newborns b/c you can remember everything about that time in your life. You can remember how you were when you brought that precious baby home and the love between you and your hubby. Though tired and sleep deprived, you have a new parent glow and you’ll want to remember how you were in those first few weeks. Mom, you may not feel your best and you’re still carrying those pounds you gained, but I promise you look better than you think! Think about it, every single mama has been in your shoes and carried those same pounds after giving birth. Again, I’ll say, you look better than you think!

While posed photos are super cute and focus in on the features and just the baby, the lifestyle photos in your home that include you are the ones that showcase you at that time. You with your new baby, your family at that moment in your life, how your home looks at that time, just those precious new moments in your life captured with your little one. You don’t have to get dressed up and fancy. Wear jeans and a comfy shirt. Something you feel great in, but also comfortable in.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are never the same and I love that. Even if I try the same shot with 3 different families, it will never look exactly the same b/c everyone puts their own twist on it, their manuerisms  & expressions are different, they make it unique and their own.

So, I wanted to post this to say that if you’re looking for a newborn photographer that does posed shots with no diaper, baby on a big bean bag with his/her head unnaturally propped in their hands and a big hat on their head, etc, I may not be the photographer for you. Those shots can be beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the style or direction I want to go with  my business. I don’t want to scare anyone away, I just want to be able to do the shots I love to do, that I know you’ll love and find my niche in this oversaturated field that is photography.

So for your lifestyle newborn photo session with Tickled Blue, plan to be in the photos, have your babies new blanket handy(maybe the one handmade my grandma), an outfit, your bedroom bed made, etc. You dont have to be in every shot as I will focus in on the baby in some, but you’ll be in many of them and you’ll be so glad you were! In all of my sessions, we keep the diaper on, though I have a nice neutral diaper cover to use over it.

If your baby wants to sleep, great! If not, that’s fine too! The best newborn shots are not necessarily of your baby sleeping in my opinion. Some of my favorite shots include both! Babies are happier anyway snuggled in your arms and most of the photos will be just that.

I put together this little photo collage of some of my favorite lifestyle newborn photos I’ve had the opportunity to do so you can see exactly what I mean by lifestyle. They are done in your home, all over your house and many in your babies nursery.

Are these the kind of photos you imagine of your new bundle? If yes, then call me and let’s set up your very own lifestyle newborn photo session, in the comfort of your home!

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