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Take Photos!-{Charleston Lifestyle Baby Photographer}

Whether it’s with your point & shoot, or your own DSLR, take lots of photos of them at every stage! I let my little one ‘go to town’, playing all over our house and just snapped photos of him yesterday as he played in the stage he is in. Pretty soon he’ll be walking around and I’ll miss the days when he played like this..on his bottom, scooting or crawling around. He puts buckets on his head, sits on the dog bed, gets into bins, & sits on books, and I love to just watch him go!

I got the idea yesterday to offer a session like this for you!  It’s lifestyle photography and the perfect way to capture just how your little one is right now, today! Letting me do the photos for you allows you to get in on the action with your little one too!

I can offer these lifestyle type sessions in your home for $75 and that gets you 45 minutes to one hour of just playtime with me snapping away, 10-15 fully edited images on a disk plus a photo collage of those photos just like the one below. Photos will be in black & white, but I can offer them in color as well if you’d prefer.

Contact me to set up your session!

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