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What To Expect At Your Newborn Session- {Charleston Newborn Photographer}

Here’s the breakdown of what to expect from your home-style newborn session(aka lifestyle) with Tickled Blue Photography!

First, take a moment to browse old newborn blog postings under categories to see the type of newborn photos I like to take to make sure I’ll be the right fit for you!

       Choose your newborn photographer like you chose your wedding photographer! This is the biggest thing in your life since your wedding day. I want to tell the story of THIS chapter in your life!

-Second, you’ll need to contact me while you’re still pregnant and we’ll tentatively schedule a date based on your due date. Once you have your bundle of joy, we’ll set up a time for the session within the first 2 weeks of life. I also do maternity and around 33 weeks is best!

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If you’ve already had your baby, you may still contact me and if I have some space to fit you in, I’ll certainly try.

Planning! The newborn session will take anywhere from 1-3 hours. Newborn sessions allot time for feedings, diaper changes, & snuggling with mom. We won’t rush through it, so you can relax and just enjoy it.

Location! All of my newborn sessions are done at your home so I come to you. You know that nursery you’ve been working on for 9 months? We’ll do lots of photos in there!

Tickled Blue-3

We’ll use other areas of your home too like your bedroom bed or a guest room bed, living room, etc. An all white comforter looks great in this style of photos, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Tickled Blue-7 Tickled Blue-9

Clothing: Wear something comfortable, but something you don’t mind being photographed in. Flowy button downs are great for mom and I love pastels for a newborn session. For dad, a soft blue or grey is great. For mom think pastel purple, pink, & even white. Jeans are fine too and I love for you to just be barefoot. For baby, I do have a diaper cover, but don’t be afraid of using a solid colored onesie for the photos with the family.  If you have a special handmade blanket, we will def. use it in the photos. For the posed portion of your session,  I have lots of wraps, swaddles, etc.  I also have a few headbands for girls. I like to keep head ware very simple and sweet.

Type of Session! Tickled Blue Newborn sessions are mostly Lifestyle meaning I photograph the whole family with your new bundle.  We will do some posed shots if your baby will sleep, but most of the shots will be of your interacting with your baby, etc. I like to include all family members including siblings and fur kids if possible! I have a very ‘who cares if the baby doesn’t sleep’ approach. It is OK and the photos of eyes wide open turn out amazing!


Props! This is simple! I bring a diaper cover that is neutral colored, but that’s about it! If you have an outfit you’d like to use, great! We’ll do some shots in that. We’ll use the blanket you’ll be using most, or a handmade one by grandma. I will bring  a basket or two for some naturally posed shots of just the baby if you want. If you have a hat you’d like to use, have it ready. I also like subtle headbands for girls.

Posing: I want to make sure the client that is considering Tickled Blue understands that the posed shots I do are natural poses. I don’t do poses that a baby can’t naturally be in, for example, the popular elbows propped up with head in hands pose. Here are some examples of some poses I will do:


EXTRAS! Within 24 hours of your session, you can check the website as well as the facebook fan page for a sneak peek of your session! Once I’m finished editing your photos, you’ll receive a link in your email to your online gallery. This gallery is up for 7 days only. Orders will need to be submitted within that time frame.   Taxes and shipping are applied to all orders. Please email me for a full price list!

That’s it! Easy right? So, go ahead and call or email me to book your newborn session with Tickled Blue Photography and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

ps..I live in West Ashley, but travel to Summerville, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, James Island, Johns Island, & Downtown Charleston as well! If you live outside of these areas, there may be a travel fee.

Homestyle(aka lifestyle) Newborn Session Examples:

Tickled Blue-2 Tickled Blue-4 Tickled Blue-5 Tickled Blue-6 Tickled Blue-10

Tickled Blue-1-2 Tickled Blue-2-2 Tickled Blue-3-2 Tickled Blue-4-2 Tickled Blue-5-2 Tickled Blue-6-2 Tickled Blue-7-2 Tickled Blue-8-2 Tickled Blue-9-2




I can’t WAIT to hear from you! or call me at 843-608-1381

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