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Newborn {10 days new}- Summerville Newborn Photographer

I should save this post until I have more pics to post, but I can’t resist. I’m just so excited with how this session turned out. I really LOVE lifestyle type photography, especially with newborns, so I did a little photo story of just those type shots. I’ll post more soon of more from the session as there are lots of great ones, but for now, enjoy this….


So, as I said above, I love all of the photos from this session so it’s hard to pick a few for this sneak peek, but here goes..

Posing is great, but there’s just something about lifestyle that gets me excited. Are some posed? Yes, I may say, stand there, and do this, etc, BUT sometimes, you get a moment or a few moments that you didn’t plan for and THOSE make the best memories! Here are two of those moments that were totally unplanned, unposed, just natural like they happened.

In one, grandmother was reading a story to the big sis while mom and dad were trying to get newborn to fall asleep! MOMENT!!

In the second, dad had just gotten his cup of coffee and they were just admiring the baby while mom held her in ‘burp position’ after a feed. I love how REAL this moment is. Newborn plus coffee cup, plus mom and dad loving on their new baby=MOMENT!

And Finally, as you know, I LOVE photos set to music so I created this slideshow with some of the photos.  Click HERE  to view it and share this blog post with your family and friends!

I hope you enjoy and cherish the photos and I wish you the best with your new family member!!

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