My own Family Mini Session-{charleston Family Photographer}

Well this was interesting and I certainly left feeling like we’d hardly gotten a decent photo but boy was I wrong.

Thanks to my cameras self timer for the group shot and my husbands ability to learn quickly on how to use my dslr, we managed to get some great family photos on our own!

I did my usual edits once we got home and wahla…they’re great photos of us!

My absolute favorite photo is the priceless one of my 18 month old giving me a kiss. I’ll cherish that photo and may even just have to blow that one up. I also love the one of him hugging me. The “airplane” one with daddy is special to us b/c our little boy sure does love airplanes!

I thought I’d share our photos on the blog for everyone to see the face behind the camera..and the ones who support me :).

Merry Christmas season! It’s officially begun and I love it!


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