Let me tell you bout my new friend-{charleston sc hair care}

So, I know this is my photography blog but listen, I have to just take a moment to introduce you all to my new friend MONAT! I’m in this photography group where many of them were using this new shampoo that they all raved about. “I don’t need that”, I thought. My hair is doing alright. Well, the more before and afters I saw, the more I decided to just go for it. “What do I have to lose” I thought? I ordered, took some befores of my hair b/c I would need something to compare it to and sat back and waited for my ‘gold in a bottle’ to arrive. I did my first wash the day it arrived and honestly, besides feeling softer, I noticed nothing. You see, there’s a detox period with this stuff. I didn’t think I would detox since I don’t color treat or use heat on my hair, but I think I was slightly detoxing. I still think I am detoxing just a bit, BUT look at my first before and after. The photo on the right is today! I washed my hair monday night, did you hear me? MONDAY and today is FRIDAY! I won’t even wash it until tomorrow night actually and it’s surviving and looking quite awesome I must say. As I’ve aged, I’ve noticed my hair is much more frizzy than it use to be on the second day after washing. I still have frizz weeks in with moat and think I always will, but before Monat, on day 4 after washing my hair, it would be a ‘keep that hat on all the live long day girlfriend’ kind of day. But no, day 4 hair looks like what use to be day after washing hair! I’m so thrilled!!!

This photo was done merely weeks apart in the same spot in my home. Maybe the camera phone was doing something wonky with color? I don’t know but I did NOT add a filter to either one of these. Besides the vibrancy that’s obvious, look at the frizz in the photo to the left. Good LAWD!

So, what is Monat? It’s a hair care system that will do wonders for your hair.  We all have different needs with our hair and for me my biggest need as I’m aging is taming my frizz and I guess what I didn’t realize, was that it was losing some of that umph! I didn’t realize how dull my red had become until looking at these photos today. My hair is feeling softer and my curls just flow rather than feeling stiff after multiple gel reapplications to tame the frizz. 

One morning last week my hubs sweetly said to me, ‘your hair is looking good, fuller’, and I thought, well alright, that’s a sign for me to just jump on this wagon and see what happens. I decided to become a market partner with Monat b/c I knew I’d never stop buying it and the discount is amaze! Besides that, being a market partner allows me to sell directly to you, but even if no one ever buys this stuff from me, I will still get a discount on my own Monat! Woohoo! So, if you want to try this on your own hair, email me with your questions and let me help you find a system that will work for you. I can show you many befores and afters of others with hair similar to your own.


Some more Before/Afters

Frizz city on the left and still some frizz no the right, but the color and just the clean look and even shine of my hair today vs. then is incredible.

Again, I swear no filter on either. Look at my ends on the left! YIKES! I thought that was a good hair day. My curls on the right look effortless to me. They just flow and don’t look so forced.

Listen, the truth is, We all deserve beautiful hair and we can all also have it thanks to Monat!

If you are that person with damaged hair, there is a detox period I mentioned above.  Much like we detox our bodies, our hair could use it as well. One sample or one wash is not going to show you what’s to come. Stick with it, and by the end of up to 90 days(less for me) you’ll begin to see your new shiny, frizz free, natural hair that was hiding under the gunk built up over the years.

I also LOVE that they have a kids line. My daughter has fine hair but I can tell there is some natural curl to it. I began using just the conditioner on her hair after washing and I have noticed such a difference already. For one, it’s much easier to comb it after a shower, but most importantly, her hair feels softer, already looks shinier and has these adorable curly cues at the end of it that never wanted to show themselves before. Her before hair was much more stringy, but look at it here. It’s growing quickly and has some extra shine. I’m just using the conditioner on her so far, but plan to put the kids shampoo in my next order.

Want to try it??

Just ask yourself these 2 questions:

What do you have to lose?? What do you have to gain??

Here is a link to my site for ordering and viewing the products! http://jodilynnp.mymonat.com

Email me friends: jodilynnpmonat@gmail.com

Your hair deserves it!!!

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