Home Sweet Newborn-{charleston sc newborn photographer}

Home Sweet Newborn

As I sit here on this rainy & windy Sunday looking at the month ahead, I’m so excited to add more of this style of shoot to the blog soon,

but it had me reminiscing of some sweet ‘home sweet newborn’ shoots I did in 2020. 

EVERY home works, trust me, every home!

As I enter my 10th year doing this very style, I’ve never entered a home for a newborn shoot that wouldn’t work, so don’t let that stop you from doing this style.

So, if you’re expecting in 2021 & have not yet booked a photo shoot for that sweet bundle on the way,

consider this style so when you are finally home sweet home from the hospital,

you can stay right there & I’ll come to you.

Email me to save your due date:



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Meet Me Downtown-{charleston sc family and newborn photographer}

Are you ready to meet me downtown?

Spring is on the horizon & I’m booking FAMILY shoots. 

My favorite months to photograph families are

February-because there’s still a chill in the air for outfit layers with a ‘spring is coming soon’ vibe.

March-because the temps are ALWAYS just right this month.

April-because Azaleas and the warmth spring brings

May-because confederate jasmine scents fill the streets of downtown and the mornings and evenings are so beautiful this month.

& then again in September-November-because FALL.

Not to leave out June-August because the crepe myrtles are worth enduring the heat and the lush green is hard to resist, but those above 7 are just my favorites for family shoots.

So let’s get your date on my calendar for 2021 & meet at my favorite place to photograph families…downtown Charleston!


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2021-{charleston sc family, newborn, maternity and childrens photographer}

~Happy New Year~

This year I jumped right into shooting some newborns so I’m just getting a chance to do my New Years post. 

After the 2020 we all had, my goal for 2021 is to make everything around here feel welcoming + warm like the hug we all want to give, but kind of still can’t. :0

I’m incorporating some unique new things into this year because I don’t want to just say what my vibes are this year, I want you to feel it!

I want your shoot with me to feel like an experience from start to finish.

I started with renaming a few of my shoots so go check that out on the ‘investment tab’. Family & newborn shoots are still the heart and soul of TBP.

If you book a family shoot this year, I’ll be sending you something super special in the mail that I created in 2020 so look out for that.

It’s simple but something fun to get you ready for your stroll around town and for now,  I’m only offering it to full family shoot clients.

Speaking of mail, let’s just say don’t forget to check it if you have ANY shoot with me this year ;). 


My spring and summer calendar is open for booking so email me to get your dates saved: TickledBluePhotography@gmail.com

If there’s one thing I know I enjoyed after a wild and crazy 2020, it was looking back at photos.  

Photos take us back in way that nothing else can. They are precious and important and just special.



And just because I feel there may be a need to explain my absence from some online places:

In January of 2020 I pressed pause on instagram just seeking a short break but the break felt so good that I made the choice to be done for good.

That was later followed by a break away from facebook as well and to be honest with y’all, I can’t imagine going back after being gone so long.

Unless I have a complete change of heart, I plan to stay social media free and just keep things simple and easy as I’ve found that my business can still sustain without them.

I’m now down to only using Pinterest as my one ‘social media’ if you consider it the same.  Pinterest feels warmer to me and I still feel inspired by it’s content +see it as a useful business tool right now.

With that said, I’m continuing my social media opt out into 2021 so any updates, sneak peeks, etc can all be found right here on my website. 

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to working with you all in the new year as I enter my 10th year in business!


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Nothing Sweeter-{charleston sc newborn baby photographer}

Nothing sweeter than starting 2021 off with where it all began…a newborn shoot in the comfort of your home.

I love this style and think it will always be my favorite.

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