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Your Photo Artist-Jodi


Born and raised in South Carolina, but moved & fell in love with Charleston in 2007. I met my husband fresh out the the army in 2002 where he served as an Army Ranger. After graduating from USC, we moved to Charleston for his career with the Mount Pleasant Police Dept. He's the sensible one, I'm the creative one! Our son was born in 2011 and our daughter in 2014. We reside in beautiful West Ashley.  

Serving Charleston since 2012!

I've always thought if you think of your work as getting to rather than having to, then you're doing something right. I feel so lucky to GET to do this as my job.
My style has always been simple. I think less is more(and better) for all of my sessions, meaning I don't use any props at all!
I photograph Charleston's families, newborns, and children in a fun, simple and unique way while using a photojournalistic approach. Every session is different and unique to each family. We have fun, play games and through that I am able to get their genuine smiles as they're just having fun.
I LOVE getting to do this as my job, but my first job is being a mom to 2 little ones. One day I will take this on full time, but for now, my schedule is super limited. Between baseball, ballet lessons, and all of the fleeting moments of childhood I don't want to miss, I can only take on 2-3 families per month! Please contact me to book your picture day on my calendar and let's get started planning your one of a kind photo session:

Choose your photographer based on how their photos make you feel, rather than price! Years from now, the price you paid won't matter, but the quality of the photos you received along with the artistic eye of the photographer you chose will be paramount!

My goal at every session is to keep it Real!

'Real: not imitation or artificial; genuine.'

“Sometimes in the waves of change, we find your true direction”